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Our Story – A Family Company in the Truest Sense

Pacific Insurance Group is a family company in the truest sense.

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Not only are we built on family, we are built to help protect your family. Though it may be uncomfortable to talk about, we know that life coverage provides necessary reassurance that your family, estate, and business will be well taken care of in the event of your death.

Pacific Insurance Group was founded in 2001. However, the Grays have been in the life insurance industry for over 50 years as a family.

This gives Pacific Insurance Group a unique perspective when it comes to the life coverage industry. We understand both long and short term trends in the industry and always stay on the cutting edge because the peace of mind of your clients is important to us.

We are passionate believers in life coverage as an essential part of any good financial plan.

Thought Leadership

Our agents understand the needs of every individual are unique.

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We make it part of our mission to help our industry become a more transparent place. Not only is this the best way to serve our clients, but it also raises the bar ever higher in the insurance industry.

Located just outside of Seattle, Pacific Insurance Group is one of the leading life coverage agencies in the nation. We specialize in life coverage, annuities, retirement planning, and tax-diversification.

We are also active trainers of insurance producers. We specialize in marketing, advanced sales concepts, and support. Our technical knowledge, training, and expertise is unmatched, which creates top level, professional insurance agents.

Pacific Insurance Group prides itself on the fact that we teach our agents how to grow their businesses and help people. We always emphasis expertise, transparency, and true service. The formula is to build rapport and educate the client first. Then, fully informed, they can make the decision that is right for them.

We also provide a variety of information and resources—including our free term life coverage quotes—here on our website Our blog and video blog are both designed to help reduce complex topics down to simple explanations that bring you into better understanding with ease.

We also sponsor local Seattle networking events, via Bellevue Connections.

Protecting your bacon

At Pacific Insurance Group., we have one major focus: “protecting your bacon”.

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While we try to keep the mood as light as possible, we are fully aware of the gravity of this subject—after all, we participate in this industry every day.

There is no doubt that life coverage is one of the most important ways a person can protect the things they care about. But at P.I.G. we can craft advanced life insurance policies that provide far more than just a death benefit.

The right life coverage policy can offer tremendous advantages as an asset management and supplemental retirement tool. Depending on the policy, it can allow you to act as your own bank, potentially avoid higher future taxation, and pass more of your wealth onto your heirs.

We go a long way to make sure that we emphasize the positives of life coverage because no one likes to talk about the forthcoming of their death. Still, we all know it is a needed protection.

We just want to make sure that your policy is one that helps increase your family’s quality of life, at the lowest cost, while providing you full peace of mind.

The need for life coverage is always a serious topic.

While we understand that it is no laughing matter, at Pacific Insurance Group, we also know that lightening the mood can go a long way to making these conversations a lot easier.

When discussing life coverage, there is no need to be unnecessarily grim. After all:

Life Coverage helps you gain the peace of mind you need to enjoy your life fully now.

You’ll often hear us talk about “Protecting Your Bacon”—whether that means helping our clients find the right coverage plan to protect what’s important or helping plan for a retirement that is better protected from Uncle Sam’s prying fingers.

Our main focus is helping you protect the lifestyle you’ve earned. For yourself, and those who come after you. We’ve helped thousands of families find ways to allocate their resources so that they can keep more of what is rightfully theirs.


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