After a certain point of time and age you might consider getting a term life insurance policy. We all want to make sure our loved ones don’t have to face any sudden financial traumas when we are no longer around. However, insurers have come up with such a broad range of plans that it has become quite troublesome to make a wise and apt decision that meets your specific needs. At the same time, it’s not always a good choice to go for cheap term life insurance quotes as you may not get policy features good enough to rely on them. To make it simpler, here are 5 ways to get the best term insurance quotes.​


​One of the most common and cost-friendly insurances is term life insurance, which might be the best choice for you if you need to have a strong financial protection guarantee for your family in case you are no longer there to look after them. On the other hand, whole life insurance is far more expensive than most other types of policies that we hear about. However, whole life insurance may be the right choice for you if you are a businessperson and want to make sure your business partner or loan is always insured, want to leave a legacy, bequeath a charity, or pay huge estate taxes.​

Requirements such as income replacement, mortgage protection, final or burial expenses, college funding, financial security for dependents are the handful of causes that call for a whole life insurance plan. Although, most agents will try to convince you with their high pressure sales pitches and strive towards selling you their permanent life insurance policies. Please carefully access your specific needs.​


​The most essential processes in getting cheap yet truly beneficial term life insurance quotes is to compare the prices offered by a number of different sources. After all, if you could save even a few dollars every month when it comes to paying your premiums, the amount can turn out to be a huge figure over the 20 to 30 years of a term insurance policy. So, it’s good to shop for the most suitable and reasonable option available. You will find a whole range of insurance carriers selling a variety of policies to people with different health status, coverage amount, age and weight. The best option is to collect quotes from as many insurance carriers as possible. Online quote engines can be very helpful in comparing insurance rates from all the sources and can even work with an independent agency to make sure your plan meets the current competition in the life insurance field.

Take a thorough look at the top 3 quotes from about 10 insurance companies and make sure you go for only the best rated ones. Also, you want your term life insurance carrier to be around for a long time. Which implies the insurers that issued your policy still needs to be around in 20 years.​


​Life insurance agents are highly skilled in assessing how various events could happen depending on your lifestyle and health, as well as how they could affect your policy claims. The policy rates are determined using their knowledge and expertise on statistics, business and finance. They are very well aware of factors that can harm your health or even kill you. Having uncontrolled issues or going for a high risk lifestyle or activities will end up in you paying more for your policy.​

  • Quit Smoking: Those who smoke can still get term life insurance, but that comes with a higher price which may be as high as 400 percent than the amount paid by a non-smoker. But, if you quit for about 1 to 3 years, it will eliminate the testable residue from your body system, and you will be eligible to get cheap term life insurance quotes. If you are looking to purchase a policy soon, you must not wait and start working towards quitting smoking now. When your body gets nicotine free, the insurers will reevaluate your health and offer you lower premiums.
  • Eat Healthy and Exercise: It doesn’t take very long on a good health program to turn yourself around if you’re overweight. You are likely to get the most cost-effective quotes if your height and weight are proportional and you don’t have major health problems. Staying healthy also makes sure that you actually outlive your term insurance.
  • Avoid Risky Lifestyle: Avoid engaging in dangerous activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, mountaineering, race car driving, hang gliding, bungee jumping and other similar tasks. However, you don’t always need to leave them, you can rather get yourself insured for everything if you need be.​


​To make sure that your payments simply don’t get wasted, you must always be honest with the information you provide for buying a policy. If you tell the truth and make regular payments, the policy services remit the amount of coverage if you die. On the other hand, lying about your lifestyle and health conditions on your insurance application is likely to get your policy revoked and your family won’t receive the amount you paid for. If the insurers succeed to prove that you gave false information on the application, only the premiums that you paid will be refunded. So, fill each answer to the insurance application questions truthfully. Also, if one or more of your habits makes you feel the need to lie to the insurers, it’s always advised to quite them and avoid a bad risk.​


​As you grow, the term insurance prices tend to go up with age. So the key is not to wait to get your insurance policy to avoid paying more. Also, with passing time, your health also deteriorates and this reduces chances of finding an inexpensive policy. In fact, an insurance policy you buy today is likely to be priced much higher for you if you purchase it the next year.

​Call us today at (425) 246-4222 and take expert advice offered by our professionals at Pacific Insurance Group on acquiring the best instant term life insurance quotes. Or simply go for our instant online term life quotes by providing the most basic health status information and plan requirements.​


​Few people would argue with the fact that pretty much everyone needs a life insurance plan that is affordable. It’s true that thinking about an early death isn’t anyone’s cup of tea, but sooner or later we have to face the idea that we are all mortal. Your close ones, as well as your finances can be significantly impacted by what you leave behind. So getting an online life insurance quote is much of a necessity.​

Get A Selection Of Quotes Instantly

​Thanks to online technology this is more than possible. In days gone by, there would have been a need to contact multiple insurance agencies and go through all of your details time and time again. Next, you would need to arrange appointments and analyse the offer from each agency to decide who gives the best benefits. Finally, you would compile your shortlist. This process would take a lot of time, even a few days to complete successfully. In contrast, an online form allows you to send your information to a selection of companies in one easy form. A few seconds later, you receive life insurance quotes from a variety of companies.​

Cutting Out The Need To Set-Up Face To Face Appointments

​Life is hectic enough as it is. Having the need to set up face to face appointments with agencies is likely the last thing you want on your already crazy agenda. Then there is the impressive sales pitch you’ll need to analyse. Ultimately, the decision is weighty and should be done in your own time. When you choose to complete an online life insurance quote it means you can talk to an agent at the point that you feel ready to take out the policy with them.