How to Prepare for an Online Life Insurance Meeting

With the advancement of technology, purchasing life insurance online can be quick and easy. A lot of companies even have accelerated underwriting programs which do not require a blood draw, nowadays there is so much information available for life insurance underwriters which makes it easier to determine the risk (rate class) without analyzing blood and urine lab work results.

When it comes to preparing for an online life insurance meeting it is helpful to write down your existing and pre-existing health issues, what medications you are taking, and what you are taking them for. An accurate height and weight is important when it comes to field underwriting and getting an accurate ball park quote. For example, if a man is six feet tall and over 230 lbs, it is unrealistic they will qualify for preferred life insurance rates. They would need to be six feet two inches in order to qualify for super preferred rates and pay the least amount possible. A female who is five feet five inches would have to be under around 165 lbs in order to qualify for best rates, so accurate recent height and weight is important.

Furthermore, family history comes into play. In order qualify for the best rates with most life insurance companies you cannot have had a natural parent or sibling who has died from cancer or heart disease. If this is the case, some insurance companies are more favorable in some situations, make sure you speak with an independent life insurance agent who is contracted with multiple insurance companies so they can help you pay the least amount possible and get the best deal on your life insurance.

It is also important to think about how much life insurance do you need. There are several online life insurance needs calculators which can help you determine how much life insurance you should have. Ultimately it is up to you, how much death benefit do you want on your life for those you love? It is not a one size fits all, take a few minutes to think about your liabilities, loans, and future income when calculating the correct amount of life insurance.

The decision of term or permanent life insurance generally comes next. Keep an open mind, get the information, and decide for yourself which one is best for your situation. A lot of times people will actually do a blend of both, for example a $250,000 permanent policy for the rest of their lives with a $1,000,000 level term life insurance policy. No one knows your situation better than you, take a few minutes and think about it, don’t leave it up to someone else.

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