InsMark & Life Insurance Illustrations

For people who like to crunch the numbers, InsMark becomes a great way to compare alternative retirement vehicles. Founded by Bob Ritter in 1983, InsMark takes the life insurance cash value numbers and compares them sided by side to other retirement accounts, such as Roth IRA’s, 401k’s, Traditional IRA’s, and multiple other retirement savings accounts. Before Mr. Ritter started InsMark he was a Top of the Table independent agent selling life insurance and he created InsMark in order to provide people with concise information which makes it easier to analyze retirement options.

Every year it seems like life insurance illustrations get longer and longer with the average Indexed Universal Life illustration being around 30 pages long. InsMark is a supplemental illustration meant to be accompanied by the illustration from the insurance company. Generally speaking, InsMark displays the non-guaranteed elements from the life insurance company’s formal illustration software. The numbers on any illustration are likely to be less or more favorable than what is actually being presented. It is critical to understand the InsMark illustration is not valid unless accompanied by an actual illustration from a life insurance company. The point of InsMark is to compare the meat and potatoes of the life insurance company’s illustration to just about anything else.

InsMark’s basic product line is available through several independent life insurance companies and provides a custom approach to illustrating cash value life insurance and at the same time coordinates legal, actuarial, and creative design to make the information easier to understand. If someone is interested in receiving a life insurance illustration along with an InsMark report they should call or email Pacific Insurance Group out of Bellevue Washington and speak with a knowledgeable, independent insurance agent. Insurance producers associated with Pacific Insurance Group are extensively trained on how and why to utilize InsMark to its fullest.