INSTANT Life Insurance Quotes without COOKIES or Requiring Personal Information

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Searching for a quick life insurance quote online and everywhere you go requires you to “enable cookies” or requires personal information? Well, go to and you can generate a quote from twenty-two of the best independent life insurance companies without having to enter your name, email, or phone number. Pacific Insurance Group based out of Bellevue Washington lets you run the numbers yourself, their approach is simple… if you like what you see and want more information reach out to them by calling 425-246-4222, or schedule an appointment with Carter Gray CLU (which stands for Chartered Life Underwriter and not very many licensed insurance agents have this designation). Carter or someone at Pacific Insurance Group will be happy to meet with you in person, over the phone, or set up a virtual meeting. Yes, that is him and his family on the homepage, and the picture was taken at Point No Point Lighthouse in Hansville, Washington.

Here are some quick tips for the life insurance quoting engine:

1) “Heath Class” – it defaults to “Preferred Plus” which is the very best health rating possible when
qualifying for life insurance, if you are on any medications, have existing health conditions, or
overweight, it might be better to take a look at lower ratings such as “preferred”, “standard
plus”, or “standard”, these will be most likely give you realistic prices. If you are unsure about
what to select, call and speak to Pacific Insurance Group’s underwriting team, they will be able
to help and keep everything confidential.

2) “Type of Insurance” – it defaults to “20 year level term”, a shorter term length will be less
expensive and a longer term length will be more expensive. If you would like the life insurance
policy to be guaranteed until you die, select “To Age 121 Level”, how long you would like to pay
premiums is fairly self-explainable.

3) “Amount of Insurance” – generally there are price breaks at 250,000, 500,00, 1,000,000, and
1,500,000. Play around with the life quoting engine, you might be surprised with what you learn.
4) Sometimes you have to hit the back button on your browser to change the inputs. Pacific
Insurance Group apologizes for this inconvenience, it is powered by COMPULIFE®.

Most online life insurance websites are “lead funnels” who are in the business of capturing your information so they can sell it to other people, this is not the case with Pacific Insurance Group. There is no way for them to capture your information, and they are not in the business of harassing people. If you are ready to move forward call 425-246-1676 or click on “Request Application”. To be crystal clear, this is will send an email to someone on the Pacific Insurance Group team who will call or email back to answer any questions and begin the application process.

As Porky Pig from Looney Tunes would say, “That’s all Folks!”

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