Pacific Insurance Group Principles

In the life insurance industry, not everyone puts principles first.

The worst part is, the people who suffer the consequences are consumers who end up buying policies they don’t need, aren’t right for them, or aren’t structured correctly.

At Pacific Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on our ethics and our team. Not many in our industry can truthfully say the same.

As a family company with 50 years in this industry, we have a rare perspective regarding the challenges modern families face—and will face in the future. One of the main things we’ve learned over time is when insurance agents don’t put principles first, people get hurt.

Pacific Insurance Group bases everything we do on a deep sense of responsibility. We understand our clients depend on us to protect their families, their businesses, and their legacy.

That’s why we always emphasize integrity first and foremost. From that, follows a keen sense that we must maintain a sense of transparency which is often completely missing in our industry.

In an ever changing industry, we understand the only way we can truly serve our clients is if we develop the expertise necessary to address our client’s needs. Our team then uses that knowledge to bring empowerment to our clients.

Our Mission

At Pacific Insurance Group we strive to: