Our Team

At Pacific Insurance Group, we take great pride in the kind of people we bring in to advise our clients. We are unique in our emphasis on principles. This is why we choose to build our team with those that line up with our vision.

In more ways than one, we are a family company. The Grays have been involved in the life insurance industry for over 50 years. It’s a big reason why we care so much about the families of our clients.

Our team is a diverse group of specialists all united in one goal: to provide industry-leading service to both our life coverage customers and our coverage agents.

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J. Carter Gray, CLU®

Principal & Strategic Advisor

‘Carter takes great care in helping clients evaluate their insurance needs and develop personalized retirement strategies. He also leads training for insurance producers nationwide.

Carter is a Chartered Life Underwriter® and Retirement Plan Specialist. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, 16 years industry experience, and several publications which can be found in such places as CNN and FOX, he is steadily rising to a place of thought leadership in the industry.

He takes great pride is his ability to help his clients determine the correct amount of life insurance for their needs as well as supplement their retirement goals through tax-diversification. He is also an expert at getting people the lowest cost, guaranteed permanent life insurance policies with accelerated benefits for terminal illness, chronic illness, or critical illness.’

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Lauren Gray

Chief Operations Officer

As our COO and Principal, Lauren oversees the daily operations of Pacific Insurance Group. She meets with clients, business owners, and producers to maximize efficiency and level of service.

With a background that includes experience in both property/casualty insurance and customer service, Lauren is passionate about taking a proactive role in client and producer services, always striving to go the extra mile. Whether it be a producer or client, she is always determined to cater to the unique needs of each one.

Lauren’s hard work plays a crucial role in Pacific Insurance Group’s ability to over deliver for everyone whom we serve. She has a passion for service that shows in the effort she puts into every duty that falls to a COO.

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Gina Gray-Hagins

Chief Marketing Officer

Gina’s marketing strategies and relationship development skills play a crucial role for both Pacific Insurance Group and the producers we support. You might call her our marketing and social media guru.

Prior to joining Pacific Insurance Group, Gina spent nearly 7 years as insurance coordinator for a small business where she honed her outstanding organization and multitasking skills. The ability to market so well came naturally given her deep commitment to helping Pacific Insurance Group and its producers reach their full potential.

Always one to go above and beyond, Gina she has an undeniable gift for relationship building and truly understands how to help insurance agents grow their businesses. Her desire to enrich people’s lives is obvious.

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Jim Harrison

Connector & Advisor

A true tax-diversification veteran, Jim’s background is rich in retirement planning and high level strategies in constructing tailor-made plans for owners, executives, and employees.

Jim’s expertise helps ensure these specialized plans provide higher satisfaction, security, and benefits than the status quo. Jim has a genuine heart for helping his clients succeed not just financially but personally as well. Jim’s passion for serving his clients makes him an invaluable asset to the firm.

He believes that successful retirement planning is based on the ability to determine specific long-term goals, come up with proper strategy, and maintain discipline throughout the life of the plan.

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Christopher Reid

Life Insurance, Annuity, and Retirement Specialist

Chris’s strengths in tax-diversification have been a tremendous asset to our clients from day one with us. He truly has a heart of service that shines through in his everyday work ethic.

Chris is deeply committed to a holistic plan and is passionate about supporting small business owners in developing the correct insurance solutions and comprehensive retirement plans that synchronize with their particular goals and needs. With over a decade of public service under his belt, Chris’s commitment to serving others cannot be questioned. This is the kind of advisor you can trust.

He believes in making each client feel like his top priority and delivering unbiased and transparent advice in an effort to empower clients with retirement strategies based on their particular needs.

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David Ooi

Retirement, College Funding, & Life Insurance Advisor

David utilizes his knowledge in tax-diversification and insurance law to help families devise strategies aimed at a tax-free retirement.

He is also a missionary and is dedicated to helping pastors and missionaries with their financial planning needs. David is passionate about helping your families develop financial plans to grow their assets and achieve their future financial goals.

David also provides us a bit of an international advantage as he is well-versed in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Bahasa, & Khmer. His desire to serve his client’s best interests and shine through everyday.