Wouldn’t it be nice to get instant quote life insurance and all the options without filling out forms long enough that they could create carpel tunnel or require half your day only to wait for answers? Welcome and congratulations, that is who we are and what we do. You tell us what you need, what you want and we will in return give you instant life insurance quotes. From there you can decide if you wish to continue the conversation, we are confident you will.​


​There was a time not so long ago when getting online quotes for life insurance might have seemed scary or risky, today it is just standard for how people get everything done. Insurance is no different. The providers of online insurance, however, are anything but standard and there can be many differences. At Pacific, we believe in the common sense approach. This is reflected in everything we do, such as having comprehensive plans and options for all your needs. We figure, why should anyone have to use more than one company if they don’t need to – a common sense approach.​

When we say “comprehensive”, we mean it. From term to permanent life insurance policies, estate planning and retirement planning, our goal is to provide our client with everything they need from start to finish. That begins by finding out what plan and coverage policies work best for you. Our agents will help, such as deciding if universal life insurance or whole life insurance best fit your needs. Of course none of this begins until you get a quote from us, and then only after you decide to follow up. Yes, it is that easy and at no cost to you other than a few brief minutes. No involved personal information and no we don’t even need your blood type to get started!​


Life is busy, we get it. With schools, children, work and whatever social life we can manage to fit into our hectic schedules today, it is nice to not only be able to get quotes online but quick insurance quotes online, it makes a difference. We also know how important life insurance is, and it is not only important it is also a smart, responsible and caring decision. Smart because you need it. Responsible because as a mother, father or husband you are relied upon and caring because you want them to be okay.​

Life insurance is a gift, both for and to those you love and yourself. Getting an instant life insurance policy that allows for the obvious protection, care and comfort of loved ones in addition to having a safety net to borrow against may be the very thing you need or want. We will work with you to find the right plan to accomplish that, or whatever else your needs may include.

​Our roots are established in family. That means that we care, about you and our company name so we have strived since 2000 to give clients the best and most professional service possible. The family that built us and still directs this company to this day spent over 40 years in the financial field working to help families like yours plan for retirement and life. That may not be what you would expect from getting online life insurance quotes, but it is who we are.​


​Permanent life insurance essentially is a policy without expiration date. Generally it includes such benefits as a savings division that permits policy holders to use for expenses like college tuition or a mortgage payment, and of course the death benefits for survivors and more. Those seeking benefit coverage for terms of 10 to 30 years may be more inclined to seek out a term life policy. A more affordable plan but it does exclude the benefit of a building cash value. Educating our clients to empower them is just another service we provide, and common sense says we should.

​As an agent, we can afford our clients the best of both worlds. We have the means and expertise to locate the best values for the best rates on the right coverage policies for our clients. Our clients can then learn how different policies work, what particular life insurance terminology means and means for them personally and they can do it quickly and easily. Life insurance quotes online instant or by any other means shouldn’t be a nightmare, this is a gift not a problem.​


​The peace of mind afforded by a life insurance policy is priceless. None of us ever like to contemplate the end, it is a hard and sad time. Adding the concerns of financial expenses, burial costs and arrangements just seems cruel. Knowing that any bills left behind are taken care of, that the death and burial expenses have been handled and that your family won’t incur any unnecessary grief is a gift to yourself.​

You do not need to know everything about insurance to start. There are many nuances and various coverage plans and policies when it comes to insurance. Too many to know them all. That is why we are here, to help you understand, make sense of it and find the plan that will make sure you have what you need. It can be for life insurance or wanting to know that you are making good decisions for your retirement, we are trained and experienced to enable you.​

Whatever the plans are that you have, and in whatever way you choose to take care of those you love a life insurance policy is vital in helping to get that done. That is why the right policy matters and we will be here to help. Apply today without cost, without hassle and with the comfort of realizing that the first step in taking care of those closest to you begins when you request your quick and easy quote. We will take care of the rest.​


​A lot of people don’t think they need health insurance. This is especially the case with singles and young married couples who do not have kids. However, life insurance is much more than protecting kids when their parents die. Read on to learn more.​

For Single People

​Singles should still get life insurance if they are helping support their family. If they were to pass away, then life insurance can protect their family. Life insurance also gives the family a way to hire a caregiver.​

Newly Weds​

Couples who have just gotten married but don’t have kids together should still have life insurance, especially if only one of them bring in the majority of the household’s income. If the one who earns the majority of the money dies, then the surviving spouse will need to maintain the lifestyle they currently enjoy, which they can do the couple has life insurance. This type of insurance is a good investment, especially if you are healthy and young because premiums won’t be high, and you’ll be prepared in the event you decide to have kids.​

Married Couples With Kids​

Life insurance gives you, your spouse and your kids peace of mind in the event someone you die or if your spouse dies because insurance may be able to pay off your home or provide your kids with an education that’s paid for. Just make sure you have enough insurance so your family doesn’t have to worry about money. Not every can get a lot of insurance, but you do what to get enough to help your family for at least a year or two after you have passed away.​

You can get a quote for life insurance by going online and filling a form out. In fact, you can fill out the form below and you don’t need to prove info such as your email, phone number of your address. Just provide us with a little bit of information and we will give you a quote. You want to protect your family in the event you pass away, and the best way to do this is by getting life insurance.