Tax Diversification

Tax Diversification – Our Specialty

One of the main things we are proud of at Pacific Insurance Group is our ability to enlighten our clients of the possibilities that cash value life insurance plans offer in terms of tax-exempt wealth accumulation.

When properly structured and funded, permanent life coverage policies can become a very powerful financial tool.

While alive, you can access the cash value portion of your policy in such a way that it can supplement your retirement tax-free or act as your own personal bank. When done properly, loans and withdrawals from this bank can be made tax-free.

Often, permanent life coverage costs less than paying someone to manage your money over a long period of time. When structured properly, life coverage cash values have performed similarly or better than other vehicles in their asset class.

When you do pass, wealth stored within cash value policies is able to pass on to your family tax-free through the death benefit. This makes life insurance one of the best ways to avoid taxes as your wealth moves on to your family.

As one would expect, it takes a life insurance agent with intimate knowledge of how to put together such strategies to avoid potentially disastrous slip-ups. However, when executed properly, there is no denying the power of such policies to truly “protect your bacon”.

The Independent Difference

As mentioned before, complex, advanced life coverage strategies should be the foundation of your financial plan.

After all, the basic function of any life coverage product is to protect your family, business, and/or estate when your time comes. The right life insurance product will allow you to have a truly lasting impact on the people and things you care about well after you are gone.

That’s why any life insurance agent you work with needs more than expertise. Integrity and transparency are also key factors. But more than anything, you need a life coverage agent that is empowered to find the right plan for you, regardless of provider.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in need of term life insurance, permanent life coverage, or a supplemental retirement plan, choose someone who is able to impartially shop the options for you.

This is simply the only way you can be sure that they have the freedom to put principles first.

At Pacific Insurance Group, we don’t just manage a team of independent agents. We lead from the front when it comes to life coverage producer training and best practices.

At Pacific Insurance Group we are invested in the long-term goals of both our coverage producers and their clients. We believe the best way for us to succeed is by helping others do the same.