How To Get Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes Online Without Personal Information

Are you searching the internet for obtaining your instant term life insurance quote and want to go for a good quote comparison but aren’t willing to share your personal information at the same time? There’s nothing wrong in keeping your information private and making sure it isn’t sold to a whole bunch of insurance carriers. Here’s your complete guide to getting term life insurance quotes online without personal information.​


It seems to be quite a troublesome job to generate term life insurance quotes online without providing personal information, but doing otherwise has got several risk factors. Most people don’t know when looking out for a quote that the websites are fabricated to collect their data and sell the same as a lead to various insurance agents.

A large number of individuals looking to get insured are not willing to meet an insurance agent in person or visit a company office, which in turn, has made the idea of generating leads for selling policies an advancing business in itself. Browsing through a few simple quotes online can end up in your cellphone ringing off the hook. Some agents not only call at random hours, but also send unwanted text messages as they get paid for a great insurance lead wherein someone applying for online life quotes agrees to be contacted.

Be extremely careful when you are submitting any kind of contact information such as your address, mobile number or email while browsing for free instant insurance quotes on the internet. This might make you unknowingly agree to someone bothering you with constant insurance sales calls right from the moment you click the submit button.​


It is very much possible to acquire insurance quotes without giving any personal information, while keeping things quite general. Some life insurance quote providers, such as Pacific Insurance Group do not ask for any of your sensitive personal information when offering you a life insurance quote.

Client privacy and protection of your confidential information is undoubtedly the most important thing. Trusted services often ask you to enter limited and basic information to get an accurate quote, but don’t require you to divulge sensitive data like your Social Security Number, passport number, credit card numbers, license number, bank account numbers etc.

Pacific Insurance Group will ask you to answer some of the most simple questions to get an indication of your health and lifestyle.

These questions are :

  • Your state of residence
  • Your current health conditions by letting you choose between Preferred Plus (exceptional health), Preferred (excellent), Regular Plus     (above average), and Regular (average)
  • Are you a smoker and/or use tobacco?
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth (if not wanting to put in your exact birth date, you can enter it any where between 6 months of it)
  • The type of policy and years of coverage you are interested in
  • Your desired coverage amount​


When it comes to generating accurate instant term life quotes, it is extremely necessary to enter your correct date of birth to establish the right age. Mostly, insurance carriers consider an individual’s age or nearest age, which implies that your insurance age is determined by how much closer you are by 6 months either to your next age or current age. You can also change the date you were born by a few days, in case you are not willing to specify your exact date of birth to receive an instant life insurance quote.

Secondly, it’s one of the most essential things to determine the right coverage amount to be totally sure that the policy meets your requirements and doesn’t leave you majorly under insured. Usually, people don’t provide the perfect death benefit amount required by their families to substitute their annual income for the next 20-30 years.

What you need to do is buy a coverage amount that’s about 10 times your current annual salary. But, there are times when even this calculation won’t perfectly fit your financial needs for a long period. So, to make things even more accurate, add up any loan debts or mortgages, your monthly expenses, educational or other expenses, as well as any other taxes you want to avoid burdening your dependents with.

This will give you a better picture of the actual amount of coverage that your insurance quote provider needs to offer. An added advantage of following the aforesaid criteria is that if your quotes end up being much higher than the affordable, you can remove certain things from your total amount and settle for a much reasonable premium.​


Anonymous life quotes are very general and are quite easy to get. They don’t require any detailed personal information in order to compare several different quotes from the top listed life insurance providers available in your state or to look out for a desired amount of coverage you seek for your beneficiary. The key is to give out the most basic answers to a few simple health-specific questions and you can obtain a quick estimate of what the policy might cost you.

Pacific Insurance Group takes pride in the fact that we follow industry best practices in protecting our client’s information and helping them secure the future for their loves ones. Calling us today at (425) 246-4222 and having a quick conversation with one of our skilled life insurance agents is all you need to get the right term life insurance quote. And yes, you can also obtain free online quotes without entering personal information on our website.​


​Life insurance is not a luxury anymore. In fact, everyone is looking for affordable life insurance in this day and age. Although no one likes to think of his/her own death, we all have to face it at a certain point in time. Your untimely death can leave your loved ones in a tight financial situation which can seriously impact the quality of their lives. That’s why it is important that you obtain an online life insurance quote.​

Obtain Immediate Quotes From Multiple Institutions

​Obtaining quotes from multiple agencies is not possible without online technology. In fact, in the good old days, you would have to call several insurance agencies in town and give all of them your details and obtain separate quotes. After that, you would have to set up interviews with each of these companies to go through each policy and determine the benefits of the policies. Then only, you would have to narrow down your options and choose the right company on the market. The process is quite time-consuming and would take several days to complete. Today, online technology helps you to send your information to multiple agencies through a single entry form. You can get life insurance quotes from all these agencies within seconds.​

No Hassle In Scheduling In-Person Appointments

​The last thing you want is to schedule an in-person appointment with an insurance agent to find the relevant information you require. You are already busy, and you would not have the time to listen to a sales pitch from an agent. No one wants an insurance agent to pressure him or her to buy a policy that may not be the best choice for him/her. Buying life insurance is a decision that you need to make carefully by taking your time. That’s where an online life insurance quote comes in handy.

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