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Do You Know What Happens at the End of Your Level Life Insurance Period?

A typical example of someone purchasing term life insurance looks like this:a healthy individual took out a $500,000,twenty-year level term life insurance policy when they were thirty-five years old, and locked in a guaranteed premium payment of $30 per month for twenty years;now they are nearing the end of the level term period and the insurance company mails them a letter saying their premium is going to change to $489 per month for the next year. If the policy owner actually opens their mail, they typically say “this is crazy”, call the insurance company and then cancels the policy. If…

Face Amount

Face Amount – The amount stated on the face of the policy that will be paid in case of death or at the maturity of the policy. It does not include additional amounts payable under accidental death or other special provisions, or acquired through the application of policy dividends.

Non-Medical Life Insurance

There are a lot of assumptions that individuals make when it comes to non-medical life insurance, but it is imperative to understandthat ALL life insurance policies are contracts of adhesion. Insurance companies will make an “offer” and the applicant can either accept or decline, there is no negotiating. Why is this important when it comes to non-medical life insurance? Because a lot of people assume non-medical life insurance has no underwriting process and people are guaranteed to get a policy, but this is not the case with non-medical life insurance. Applying for Non-Medical Life Insurance The first step in acquiring…

Term Life Insurance vs. Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Recent case study This week, we will be summarizing a recent client experience and their journey on deciding which life insurance policy best suited their needs. This person is 36 years old, married, and wants to make sure their spouse has money left for them should an unexpected death occur. Here is what this client had to say in their Facebook review they left on Pacific Insurance Group’s page: “Heard about Pacific Insurance Group on the radio and checked their website. User friendly and self-explanatory I was able to educate myself and narrow down my options. I still had some…


Dividend – A return of part of the premium on participating insurance policies to reflect the difference between the premium charged and the combination of actual mortality, expense and investment experience. Dividends are not considered to be taxable distributions because they are interpreted as a refund of a portion of the premium paid.

The Importance of Working with a Life Insurance Agency Who Will Be There for Your Beneficiary(s)

There are multiple parties from which you can purchase a life insurance policy; but a lot of people do not think about the process of filing a death claim and how valuable it is to have an experience agent who can assist in collecting the death benefit from the insurance company. Previously, we addressed the Best Place to Purchase Life Insurance and why working with independent agents is your best option, however we did not address the value of having someone who can help you with the death benefit claim process. Here is a review on the Better Business Bureau’s…

U.S. Based Life Insurance Death Benefits if You Move Back to Your Country

A commonly asked question: “If I move back to my country will the life insurance company still pay out the death claim?” The answer is “YES”, as long as a verifiable death certificate is provided to the insurance company. People working and living in the United States as Permanent Residents, Foreign Nationals, and Visa Holders can purchase life insurance in the U.S. and move back to their home country and have the assurance their beneficiaries will be able to collect on their policy. As the major income provider for your family it is important to protect them. Do not be…

Are you over 50 and want Life Insurance?

The good news is that people over 50 in the market for life insurance still have plenty of options – you just need to know where to look. The best way to locate the coverage that can best fit your specific needs, while at the same time staying within your budget, is to work with an expert in the field. Call us at 425-246-4222 or click here to book an appointment with Carter.

Life Insurance with LTC riders V.S. Traditional Long Term Care

There are multiple life insurance companies who offer life insurance products with long term care insurance riders which can be added onto the policy for the purpose of accelerating the death benefit if the insured cannot perform two out of six of the activities of daily living or has a cognitive impairment. The concept is an alternative to purchasing a traditional long-term care insurance policy which only pays out a daily or monthly benefit if the policyholder files a claim for some type of custodial care assistance. In contrast life insurance policies with long term care insurance riders will either…

Multiple Insurance Policies

There is no reason why, people can’t have multiple insurance policies to handle multiple issues. Having term insurance when your children are young so that the family is covered through their college years is common. Adding a whole life policy that is for business continuity purposes is another possibility.  Multiple policies for covering different risk scenarios is a smart idea, come talk to us at the Pacific Insurance Group so that we can help you figure out a strategy that works best for you.