Best Online Life Insurance for Washington State Residents

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What makes Pacific Insurance Group the “best” place for online life insurance? Great question!

 Independent – we represent highly rated life insurance companies and put people’s needs first.

 Product Knowledge – some companies are better for different situations; we want to assist you
with this information so you can get the “best” deal. Whether it is term life insurance, or cash
value life insurance guaranteed for the rest of your life, we can make sure you pay the least
amount possible with the most benefits.

 We actually care – we have agents across the entire state of Washington who can help you.
Consider working with an agency who will be responsive today and down the road, whether it is
getting a brand-new policy, reviewing your policy, assisting with the death claim process, we will
be there. Pacific Insurance Group is not a call center only seeing you as a transaction, we are
local agents who bring clarity and assistance when you need us. Processing death benefit claims
can be harder than you think, having an experience agent who can help is often overlooked
when initially purchasing life insurance. Here is one of our favorite online reviews:

“My Husband passed recently and I was lost. I happened to find a Christmas card with Carters little boy on
it, I called him and explained how lost I was trying to figure all the different insurance forms out and asked
if there was any way I could pay him to come and help me, He was so kind told me he would come and not
to worry about a thing. He came made all the calls with me helped me get everything settled and when I
asked him what the charge was? He said there was no charge at all, I assured him that I was more than
happy and willing to pay him, he again said no. He told me it was no problem to help me the process can
be difficult especially after a loss. He was so pleasant and kind, very thoughtful I wish him the best of life,
He’s a credit to his Industry.”
Lisa H. – February 2018

 Adaptability – if you want to meet in person, done! If you want to speak over the phone, easy! If
you want to video conference online, no problem.

 Family company in the truest sense – owners are licensed agents, still happily married after
working together for over a decade, born in Washington State, live in the “Evergreen State”, and
plan on dying in the “Emerald City”.

This is what makes Pacific Insurance Group the “best” place to search for life insurance online in
Washington State. Give us a call directly at 425-246-4222 or visit our home page for a free instant life
insurance quote without having to enter ANY contact information, and we promise not to hassle you,
the ball is in your court to reach out whenever you are ready. We look forward to the opportunity of
working with you.

Bottom line… If you can purchase the same policy at the same price, from a fellow Washingtonian
insurance agent, why wouldn’t you?