Life Insurance For The Stay At Home Spouse

What will be the financial impact if the stay at home parent prematurely passes away? Many people believe it is important for the main wage earner in the household have a life insurance policy so upon their death the household would be able to continue without experiencing any financial hardships. But have you ever thought about the spouse/partner that says home with the children? Upon the event of their death do you know how much money it would cost to have someone fill that void? A nanny/babysitter, cleaner, cook, household manager etc.?

Questions to consider:
 Who will wake up the “dependents” in the morning?
 Who will make breakfast and lunch?
 Who will transport the “dependents around?
 Who will be on top of the “dependents” educational development?
 Who will be in charge of the “dependents” emotional development?
 Who will do all the household things such as, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc?

Even though the stay at home parent might not be bringing in a paycheck, the cost associated with the things they do will most likely be a lot more expensive than one might think. Take the time to talk it over with your life partner and come up with a realistic game plan. One option would be to start setting aside some kind of saving account in case a premature death, an alternate option would be to take out a level term life insurance policy, the costs is probably less than you think. It doesn’t have to be a huge death benefit amount, commonly we see policies being issued for 250,000 or 500,000, with premiums around $15 per month, most people are surprised at how little it costs to have the right coverage in place.

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