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“Greg, Nathan, and Carter, – each of you have become the kind of friend every person hopes for, but few actually experience. Please know that without your friendship, encouragement, and direction, my journey would have likely ended a long time ago, I am forever in your debt.”

Patrick Kelly, Author of Retirement Miracle

J Carter Gray

“This is the best book I have ever read in my nine years in the financial industry. not only is the content right on the money, but it is a complete pleasure to read. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down! By comparison, all other financial books are a bore.”

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  • Show you how to avoid 9 common Financial Landmines
  • Teach you how to generate tax-free retirement income
  • How to avoid the hidden retirement traps
  • Help you leave a lasting legacy
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  • Grow your money with zero market risk
  • Access your retirement dollars tax-free
  • Leave an income-tax-free inheritance to your heirs


Listen to Patrick Kelly read the entire chapter, “A Story About Tom,” which describes how Tom exposed his nest egg to the volatility of the market and lost most of his retirement savings. Afterwards, call my office to receive your copy of The Retirement Miracle and learn how your retirement can be different from Tom’s.


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  • Protect your life’s savings against loss
  • Create an income stream you can never outlive
  • Receive unlimited upside gain potential with zero risk of loss
  • Stop paying annual management fees to stockbrokers and money managers
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