The Importance of Working with a Life Insurance Agency Who Will Be There for Your Beneficiary(s)

There are multiple parties from which you can purchase a life insurance policy; but a lot of people do not think about the process of filing a death claim and how valuable it is to have an experience agent who can assist in collecting the death benefit from the insurance company. Previously, we addressed the Best Place to Purchase Life Insurance and why working with independent agents is your best option, however we did not address the value of having someone who can help you with the death benefit claim process. Here is a review on the Better Business Bureau’s website from the beneficiary of our most recent client passing away:

“My Husband passed recently and I was lost. I happened to find a Christmas card with Carters little boy on it, I called him and explained how lost I was trying to figure all the different insurance forms out and asked if there was any way I could pay him to come and help me, He was so kind told me he would come and not to worry about a thing. He came made all the calls with me helped me get everything settled and when I asked him what the charge was? He said there was no charge at all, I assured him that I was more than happy and willing to pay him, he again said no. He told me it was no problem to help me the process can be difficult especially after a loss. He was so pleasant and kind, very thoughtful I wish him the best of life, He’s a credit to his Industry.”

Lisa H.



When the unfortunate unexpected death occurs, the last thing your loved ones should have to worry about is correctly filling out forms and dealing with a life insurance company. If you have an agent in your corner to expedite and streamline the process, the death benefit will be paid out much faster and with less hassle. At this point in time, a handful of companies will allow you to buy life insurance directly from the insurance company, but the rates are the same price as if you purchase the policy through an appointed agent with that company versus buying the policy from an insurance company’s call center. Furthermore, a good life insurance agent will do periodic reviews to make sure your policy death benefit still meets your needs, whereas the call center’s employee who sold you the policy will have most likely moved on to a different career.

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