Understanding Life Insurance in Less than 10 minutes

Traditionally life insurance conversations involve a face to face meeting where the agent uses tacky old fashion sales techniques to talk people into buying whole life insurance and awkwardly ask for several referrals. If you do not want to go through the hassle of meeting with a life insurance agent in person and wasting two hours of your time, call Pacific Insurance Group based out of Bellevue Washington at 425-246-4222. In less than ten minutes an experienced life insurance expert will be more than happy to walk you through the free instant life insurance quoting system on the home page at https://www.pacificinsurancegroup.com/ There will be no pressure and whenever you are ready to apply for life insurance it only takes a few minutes to grab some basic information over the phone.

It will literally take less than ten minutes to give you a crash course on the products available and the differences between the policies. Some life insurance companies now offer accelerated living benefits on their term life insurance policies for only a few dollars more per month, which means you can accelerate the death benefit before you die should you incur a qualifying illness. It is worth your time to speak with an agent so you are informed before making your decision.

Furthermore, underwriting varies between life insurance companies. There was a case last week where an individual had some minor cancer issues several years ago and is now completely cancer free, so we applied with two companies and one company offered the very best rating (super preferred non-tobacco) and the other company gave the same person a “Standard Non-Tobacco Table 2 Rating”. You might be wondering what that means in terms of their monthly premium payment? With the first company who approved this individual for a 20-year term policy for 250,000 the premium is $29.48 per month and the second life insurance company who approved the table 2 rating the premium is $86.18 per month for the same 250,000 20-year term policy. It is imperative to work with an independent life insurance agent who is knows the underwriting landscape between the companies and who will fight to get you the best deal. If you would like to speak with an experienced life insurance agent please call our Bellevue office directly at 425-246-4222.